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Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques

Wildlife has always been one of the best subjects for photographs. We see a number of jaw-dropping wildlife photographs on a daily basis that captivates our heart.

Unfortunately, getting those perfect shots is not easy. Since wildlife photography gets a bit tricky at times, here I have listed a few wildlife photography tips and techniques.


Choosing the right equipment is the first step towards an iconic shot. This does not mean the gear you are carrying should be expensive.

Just know your requirements and purchase the camera that fulfills it.


Lightning plays a vital role in how your picture turns out, it has the power to make or break an image. Backlight your subject; it will work like magic. These techniques can be used, while you are facing the sun. Use rim- lightning for effective shots.

Wide-angle view:

Using a wide-angle lens gives you the opportunity to show your subject in their habitation. It’s not easy to get the shot and you need to be patient. It requires lots of planning along with some luck. Practice, practice and practice and the result will totally worth it.

Use Flash:

It is a life saver if used properly. The light can be harsh in the jungle, creating shadows on your subject making it difficult for you to take a nice shot. Flash helps to even out it by filling those shadows.

Telephoto Techniques:

It can be very dangerous to get near to few animals due to which you won’t be able to get a shot with a regular lens. To sort out these types of situations, you need to have a telephoto lens which is quite expensive and heavy as well but totally worth it.

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Specialized for Action:

You may find that great shot of your life at the least expected time. When the moment arrives, make sure you are well prepared. You should have both tools and skills to capture the moment.

Reflect on your images:

We cannot call it a photography technique but you need a ‘do it yourself’ skills. If you have the skill to make a reflection pool you will be able to capture a beautiful picture of the subject reflected in the pool.

Though it has been done many times, it has not lost its charm yet. Just be a little creative and try to create a distinct portrait.

Slow Shutter Speed for flying subject:

Who said you should only use fast shutter speed to capture a bird in flights? Go for slow shutter speed and see how that motion blurs around your subject enhance the overall look of the portrait.

However, as the saying goes ‘easier said than done’, it takes both hard work and luck to get that perfect shot.


Make sure to stay safe. It’s not easy to predict wild animals. Either you are hiking alone or are on safari keep your eyes and ear open all the time. There are rule and guidelines, read them properly and follow them.

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