macro photography tips

Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography focuses on photographing small subjects to bring out the details by making the object appear larger by up to five times.

Usually, the subject is small insects, butterflies along with jewelry & inanimate objects which is difficult to observe closely with the naked eye.

Nowadays, most of the camera has an inbuilt macro mode which will help to capture these micro subjects from a detectable distance.

You can even make your subject appear larger by cropping the image. However, it’s not suggestible as it can lessen the picture quality.


You can find an array of the lens for macro photography. The ideal models come in focal length between 90-105mm and have 1:1 magnification.

You can find shorter focal lengths like 50 to 60 mm which means you have to get very close to your subject to snap an image. This is not a good idea as you make scare your subject. And especially to take pictures of butterfly and dragonfly the focal length should be greater.

Location and weather:

Botanical gardens can be an ideal location for macro photography as you can find a variety of bugs, insects, and flowers.

Small insects and bugs are more active when the temperature is little warmer i.e about 63°F. This could be ideal weather to get great shots. If you want to click the pictures of sleeping insect, an early summer morning can be an ideal time.


Be creative. Clicking an image from the point you are standing, at a forty-five-degree angle of the subject won’t create any magic. Every beginner does that. Instead, try some new angles.


Don’t go for the maximum magnification. You have had an illusion that the bigger image of the insect comes out as a color photo. It’s not true. Step back a little and take a snap that makes your subject look just as tiny as it is in reality.

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If you are not getting perfect shots of the insects on a flight, don’t keep on chasing them. It is never going to work. Keep patience and wait for the right time.

Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed is very important for macro photography, probably more than the ISO. You can start with a shutter speed of 1/250 or faster.

Customize your background:

While picturing inanimate subjects you will have complete control over all most everything from the background to lightning to positioning. But this won’t be the case while you are shooting outdoor.

However, you can use ‘third hand’ in order to position your subject like a flower to make them face the desired angle.


Good lighting helps you to get great shots and it is applied to macro photography as well. Using ring flash is advised since it enables the use of a smaller aperture. You can also use faster shutter speed.

Point of Focus:

You have to understand that point of focus greatly enhance your photograph. To learn how you can focus on a different part of the frame manually.

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