Rules of Travel Photography

Awesome Rules of Travel Photography

Photography is more than creating a beautiful portrait; it is about conveying strong stories. It is a tool to connect with other people and understanding their culture.

Travel photographers need to travel to other countries and live in remote areas. Travel photography is not just fun but a very demanding job as well. It’s true that you get to meet new people, place and gain new experiences but it does not come easy.

You will face lots of problems and work very hard. However, if you become little careful, you can enjoy your job to the fullest without being hurt. Here I have listed a few rules of travel photography.


Know the place you are visiting beforehand. The best way to do so is to read social media and local newspapers. Establishing a friendly relationship with the photographer who has already been there will help you a lot.

Go Deep:

Try to capture a story rather than just an image. Travel photography is not just about visiting exotic places and snapping pictures. The magic starts when you live in that place and understand it. Surface images do not make much impact.

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Talk to People:

Try to build a connection. Don’t treat them like some animals. You can start with a simple hello or simply ask for a direction. You can buy something from them (if they are a vendor) and eventually you can ask for permission to take pictures.

It would be much better if you speak in their native language. They will appreciate it. Before clicking the picture spend some time with your subject. This will give you one of the best shot of your life.

Be Safe:

It’s not unsafe everywhere but sometime you may face some difficult situation. Stay prepared for these sorts of situation and take precautions. Purchase anti-theft bag and solid luggage locks.

Understand your equipment:

Keep it simple. Avoid bringing the new equipment on the trip. Use those types of equipment which are familiar to you. To make your subject confident, you have to be confident at first. Learn everything about your equipment so that you won’t face any difficulties.

Keep Notes:

It’s not easy to remember everyone you meet. So make a habit of taking notes. You can use your phone for it. There are various Photography Tips to follow.

Dress Appropriately:

Hurting the sentiments of people won’t work in your favor. So dress according to the place you are visiting it will help you to be accepted. In some of the culture, women wear a scarf on their head, you can do the same if you are a woman of course.

Give Back:

Your subjects are letting you create a great portrait. So it’s your duty to give something back. You can send them some pictures, behave nicely with them and treasure the moment. Don’t make false promises.


Don’t believe if somebody says photographers don’t edit their pictures. All the photographers use the editing tools to give their creation a perfect look. You can use software such as GIMP, and Lightroom. Learn the ways of enhancing shadows, reduce highlights or soften colors tones by using the software.

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