A Beginner’s Guide to Photography!

You have been clicking the pictures for years yet are not able to create that magic. This is because you don’t have a basic knowledge of photography. The first step towards clicking perfect photography is to understand your camera or mobile phone.

If you understand the basics of how they work, you will be clicking great photos in no time. However, as a beginner there are lots of other things that you should understand:

Don’t buy an expensive camera right away:

The Only expensive camera takes good pictures is a myth. You can take equally great shots with economical equipment. However, practice is a key, so keep practicing. Eventually, when the time comes to upgrade, you will understand which camera will fulfill your need.

Consider using Tripod:

If you have shaky hands, an inexpensive Tripod is an answer. You will get a great shot since it will provide you with more stability.

Never leave your camera alone:

You might get a chance to take a great shot at the most unexpected time. Thus, keeping your camera and tripod with you all the time might give you few of those great opportunities.

Mundane subjects might give you a great shot:

Never underestimate the power of a simple subject; often they are the one who steal the thunder. Just look around your living room or kitchen with a fresh mind.

Enjoy the process of learning:

One of the most interesting things about photography is there will always be something new to learn. Anything and everything can inspire you. Everything can be a subject, the only thing you need is an eye of a photographer.

An experiment is a key:

No one is going to appreciate you if you bring the same old idea to the table. So, don’t hesitate to experiment. There is a high chance that you will find something that you will like. Your capability to bring something new distinguishes you from others.

Take pictures regular:

The more you take pictures more you will learn what works and what don’t. So take photos every day.

Work with your camera’s setting:

You might not know how powerful and flexible your point and shoot are until you start to experiment with them.


You should know what you want in your picture. Well-composed photographs are nothing more than your idea. However, there are few tricks that can make your picture lively.


It is the final stage. After you get your desired shot, you can use Photoshop or other tools to enhance your creation. You can use effects such as color correction, touch ups etc.

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